About Us

Coronavirus Update

Due to coronavirus concerns all upcoming meetings are cancelled until further notice. Please as always feel free to reach out to help@oregonostomy.org for any immediate help.

OregonOstomy.org is an organization of volunteers who have an ostomy, family members of an ostomate, and/or are medical professionals. We are dedicated to improving the quality of life of anyone who has or will have an intestinal or urinary diversion. OregonOstomy.org’s website has been updated to reach new and old ostomates and provide information to help in their to return to a normal active life. OregonOstomy.org members know how beneficial seeing and talking with others who have experience – going through the “new ostomate” situation. We provides emotional support, education, information, networking opportunities and advocacy to its members, their families, the medical community, and general public in Oregon and Southern Washington.

OregonOstomy.org fulfills its mission by:

  • Providing a forum for members and their families and friends to share their personal experiences, gain emotional support and mutual understanding, and build hope and reassurance.
  • Providing emotional and informational support to new ostomates, or anyone considering an intestinal or urinary diversion, through telephone, in-hospital and/or in-home visits by trained OregonOstomy.org members.
  • Raising awareness, providing education, and disseminating information about intestinal and urinary diversions through face-to-face outreach activities.
  • Connecting members to information about ostomy products and local and national ostomy manufacturers and distributors.
  • Connecting members to resources in the medical community (e.g. UOAA, ACS, WOCN, CCFA, AUA, etc.)
  • Informing members of activities and news of other related support associations.